Press Room



 Saphira Elite Pure Process Ink
Saphira Ink Elite Pure 600  YE 1kg Conventional Process Ink Yellow (VS3)
Saphira Ink Elite Pure 600  MA 1kg Conventional Process Ink Magenta (VS3)
Saphira Ink Elite Pure 600  CY 1kg Conventional Process Ink Cyan (VS3)
Saphira Ink Elite Pure 600 BL 1kg Conventional Process Ink Intense Black (VS3)
 Saphira Press Chemistry
Saphira Wash 562 25L / 4L Aromatic free, high flash point, Fogra approved wash, for warranty machines, suitable for conventional rollers and inks
Saphira Fount 510 X Dry 25L / 4L IPA conventional fount with boosted drying
Saphira Plate Cleaner Plus 1L Heavy duty cleaner
Saphira Gum Washout Solution 1L Short term storage of plate
Saphira Spray Powder SD20F 1kg Fine/medium grade
Saphira Spray Powder SD30F 1kg Medium/heavy grade