Anti-Counterfeit Software

Founder SuperLine Anti-Counterfeit Design System is a digital design software for producing printed products withadvanced security features to help prevent forgery and counterfeiting.

Anti-Counterfeit Design System 

SuperLine is a powerful security design application for designing printed products that are vulnerable to counterfeit such as banknotes, passports, certificates, licenses, lottery tickets and packaging.

Key Features

A wealth of functions can satisfy with almost all applications

  • Guilloche
    An ornamental pattern formed by two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design with effective anti-counterfeiting and pleasing aesthetic effects.
  • Texture
    Aesthetic textures can be generated easily with convenient tools in SuperLine.
  • Microtext
    Generated by very small letters instead of lines, e.g. replacing a line segment with a line of letters that are smaller than 0.2mm.
  • Engraving
    By using lines of varying width images can be transformed simulating engraving.
  • Lace
    Lace is generated by repeating one or more elements often used in ornamental frames.
  • Refraction
    This function is especially for graphic design in the packaging industry and for imaging in metal craftwork.
  • Lock-opening
    If you overlay a film with special screening on a locked image and view from a certain angle, you will see the locked or otherwise hidden image.
  • Latent
    By using lines with varying widths in different directions, characters or images can be hidden in other background images.
  • Rasterization
    Images can be rasterized by any shape dots. Tiny dots generated by Rasterization will effectively disturb the raster process of the copier preventing unapproved duplication.
  • Relief
    Relief effect can be applied to images or graphics. Lock-opening is one of the applications of this effect.
  • Barcode
    SuperLine can produce several different styles of bar codes for a wide variety of applications.
  • Splitline
    Split one line into two or several finelines that prevent unapproved duplication.