CtP Plate



Thermal CtP Plate

FujiFilm FDT-500 are superb long-run, positive working thermal CTP plate that do not require pre-heating or post-baking, and are suitable for UV printing without baking. The plate also has enhanced handling characteristics minimizing down plate.

• UV compatible
• Multigrain technology
• High sensitivity
• Fast and Simple processing stages
• Excellent plate handling characteristics

• Excellent and stable tone reproduction
• No post-baking is required even when UV inks are used
• Press operation is as easy as that with conventional plates
• Good ink and water balance


 Application  Commercial
 Laser Type Thermal LD 830nm (800-850nm)
 Technology  Processed
 Sensitivity  100-130mJ/cm2 (varies with plate setter type)
 Resolution  175lpi (1-99%)
 Developer/Replenisher  FUJIFILM LH-D2WS / LH-D2RWS
 Run length *  180,000 impressions (normal inks)
90,000 impressions (UV inks)
 Safe light (400 lux)  White lamp : 60min.
UV filtered lamp : 120min.
Yellow lamp : 12hours or more

* Run length will vary according to actual press conditions.