Thermal CtP

Refurbished Thermal Platesetter (CtP)

We supply refurbished pre-owned Screen Thermal PlateRite Platesetters (CtP) with warranty and after-sales support.

  • The Heidelberg Topsetter, Fuji Javelin and Agfa Avalon are rebadged Screen PlateRite CtP.
  • The CtP units are supplied with Refurbished Plate Processor and New EagleRip Work Station.
  • Installation and training are included. Delivery within Metro Manila is included.
  • Maintenance and technical support are backed up by our staff of full time engineer and technicians.

Screen PlateRite 8000-II

Heidelberg Topsetter P102

FujiFilm Javelin 9000-II


Features of Screen PlateRite Series:

  • Semi automatic feeder system. The next plate is preloaded while the current plate is being imaged resulting in improvement of production time and efficiency.
  • Automatic balancing of the imaging drum to compensate for the different plate sizes.
  • Non-modular laser imaging system. Individual laser diodes are replaceable, resulting in maintenance cost efficiency.
  • In case of a diode malfunction, the unit will still run at half speed enabling continuity of plate production until the defective diode is replaced.
  • Open non-proprietary front end is supported by third party rip software such as Harlequin and EagleRip.
  • Product developed and made in Japan.

Specifications of Screen PlateRite 8000-II:

Type 8-page external drum platesetter
Laser type Thermal (830 nm infrared), 16 channels (1W / channel)
Media Thermal (830 nm infrared-sensitive) aluminum plates
Plate transport 2 tiered semi-automatic
Plate format Maximum: 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6 x 37 in)
Minimum: 450 x 370 mm (17.7 x 14.5 in)
Plate thickness 0.15 to 0.30 mm (0.006 – 0.012 in)
Maximum imaging area 1,160 x 924 mm (45.6 x 36.3 in)
Resolution 1,200/2,000/2,400/4,000 dpi
Imaging speed Approx. 13 plates per hour (for 1,030 x 800 mm plate)
weight 1,150 kg. (2,530 lbs.)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2,510 mm x 1,245 mm x 1,290 mm (89 x 49 x 50.9 in)
Power Single phase 200 – 230V, 6kW, 25A
Environment Recommended: 21 – 25 ْC, 40 – 70% humidity

Note: The Heidelberg Topsetter P102 and Fujifilm Javelin T9000-II have the same specs. as the Screen PlateRite 8000-II.